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Ride the wave and seize the rising opportunities in Myanmar's technology, media and telecommunication industry by leveraging disruptions and cutting-edge solutions.

Myanmar Media and Telecommunications Consulting Company
Myanmar Technology Consulting Company
The industry is generating transformative impact to Myanmar. Particularly on ICT sector, it is expected to contribute USD 6.4 billion to the country's GDP and employ around 240,000 people. Furthermore, more than 80% of the population is already digitally connected through smartphones, driven by the desire to get access to data, information and technology.

Through the upcoming years, Myanmar will see some emerging trends, including innovations using IoT, big data and AI. Consumers now can also enjoy some of Asia's best and most affordable network services.

Our expert team at Market Research Myanmar will help you succeed in the technology, media & telecommunication industry in Myanmar. We provide advisory services in several key areas such as IoT, Big Data, advanced analytics, cloud computing, digital media, artificial intelligence and development of 5G network. Supported by our deep understanding of the market, clients will be equipped with critical insights to win the market.

Our Key Service Offerings

Myanmar Market Intelligence

We have the expertise to provide evidence-based insights based on our hands-on experiences. Supported by our Myanmar's marketplace insights, clients will be guided to anticipate the fash shift of market demands as well as identify the emerging competitive threats.

Myanmar Market Entry

We measure some feasible choices and focus to reduce financial ambiguity for clients by providing relevant market data regarding competitors, customers, channels, partners, suppliers, and many more.

Myanmar Competitive Intelligence

We build thorough analysis and gain insights from best operations to escape from excessive omissions and reinventions. We assure that our clients will get strategic advantage by exploring competitors' blind spots and unexplored opportunities.

Myanmar Customer Intelligence

Our expert team will examine buyers' persona and analyze their buying trends, behavior and demographics to give meaningful contributions to the creation of new products.

Our Success Stories

Automotive Spare Parts Wholesale Strategy in Myanmar

Identifying key product and channel focus and structuring the optimal operational set up for successful market entry of a global automotive OEM.


Our Success Stories

Five-Year Strategy and Business Plan for F&B Player in Myanmar

Assessing current product portfolio, distribution network, market demand, and opportunities to quadruple top-line growth for a leading F&B manufacturer in Myanmar.



myanmar sets to 100 percent electricity access
Myanmar Sets to Reach 100% Electricity Access by 2030

According to the Deputy Minister of Electricity and Energy, U Khin Maung Win, the government further plans to increase access to 55% in 2021, 75% in 2025 and to 100% in 2030.

swine flu claims 54 lives in myanmar
Swine Flu Claims 54 Lives in Myanmar

Following the outbreak of Swine Flu (H1N1) across the country, at least 54 people have died from swine flu in Myanmar.

myanmar transform digital ecosystem
Myanmar Set to Transform Its Digital Ecosystem

After decades of closed economy policies under the military rule, current Myanmar now faces a new chapter in its history.

myanmar special economiz zones
High hopes on special economic zones to boost Myanmar’s manufacturing sector

As infrastructure development remains a key challenge in Myanmar, the government puts high hopes on industrial and special economic zones or called SEZ.

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