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Swine Flu Claims 54 Lives in Myanmar
12 Dec 2019   |   Healthcare

Following the outbreak of Swine Flu (H1N1) across the country, at least 54 people have died from swine flu in Myanmar.

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Myanmar Set to Transform Its Digital Ecosystem
17 Sep 2019   |   Digital

After decades of closed economy policies under the military rule, current Myanmar now faces a new chapter in its history.

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High hopes on special economic zones to boost Myanmar’s manufacturing sector
01 Aug 2019   |   Infrastructure

As infrastructure development remains a key challenge in Myanmar, the government puts high hopes on industrial and special economic zones or called SEZ.

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Riding the wave of consumerism in Myanmar
06 Feb 2019   |   Infrastructure

After ~50 years of debilitating military rule, Myanmar finally formed its first quasi-democratic government established in March 2011.

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