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As the democratically-elected government took the office in 2015, Myanmar has continued its economic reforms to attract more investments. Bureaucracy reforms and a number of economy packages have been rolled out aiming to develop a market-oriented system in Myanmar.

Myanmar’s economy is mostly supported by service sector with around 46% contribution, followed industry (28%) and agricultural (26%). Agricultural processing, manufacturing, construction and transportation are also considered as supporting drivers of Myanmar’s economy.

Myanmar implemented a new investment law in April 2017 to consolidate and merge the 2002 Foreign Investment Law and the 2013 Myanmar Citizens’ Investment Law which address the playing field of local and foreign investors.

Market Research Myanmar helps multinational corporations with the identification of profitable growth strategy within the industry in Myanmar cities. We also help foreign companies to understand 'what's beyond Yangon'. Our typical engagements range from market entry strategy, competitive benchmarking, channel model identification, market opportunity assessment, M&A and partner due diligence - just to name a few.

Market Research Myanmar is a leading marketing strategy consultancy trusted to deliver better results in Myanmar and the rest of the Asia Pacific region. Affiliated with Asia-focussed consultancy, we provide market research and strategy recommendations to clients so they may grow their businesses. We have helped multinational clients understand the Burmese economic landscape by delivering comprehensive market entry and growth strategy services. Some of these services include market sizing, competitor profiling, customer segmentation, site selection, and evaluation of investment partners.

We get our hands dirty during fieldwork so that we can interpret, analyze, and strategize based on solid information. This approach has earned us many client recommendations and a repeat engagement rate close to 90%.

Our Myanmar project experience focuses on what the country needs the most, infrastructure: energy, oil & gas, utilities, automotive, chemicals, machinery, heavy equipment, construction, mobile telecom, & medical devices. We aim to provide clients with the data, insights, and roadmap necessary to enter Myanmar and quickly grow their business.

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Automotive Spare Parts Wholesale Strategy in Myanmar

Identifying key product and channel focus and structuring the optimal operational set up for successful market entry of a global automotive OEM.


Our Success Stories

Five-Year Strategy and Business Plan for F&B Player in Myanmar

Assessing current product portfolio, distribution network, market demand, and opportunities to quadruple top-line growth for a leading F&B manufacturer in Myanmar.

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Market Research Myanmar Client
"Their deep understanding of the Myanmar F&B sector helped us to better understand where the sources of growth will come from, enabling us to focus on the right product categories and craft strategies to win in Myanmar. We appreciated their team strength and the support provided by their management team in this emerging market."

Managing Director

Our Client, Nestle


Transformation Myanmar retail industry
How Economic Liberalisation Affects Myanmar’s Retail Industry

Economic liberalization enables retail and wholesale trade to be conducted in any townships of all regions. It also allows retail and wholesale trading of all kinds of local and imported commodities.

myanmar sets to 100 percent electricity access
Myanmar Sets to Reach 100% Electricity Access by 2030

According to the Deputy Minister of Electricity and Energy, U Khin Maung Win, the government further plans to increase access to 55% in 2021, 75% in 2025 and to 100% in 2030.

swine flu claims 54 lives in myanmar
Swine Flu Claims 54 Lives in Myanmar

Following the outbreak of Swine Flu (H1N1) across the country, at least 54 people have died from swine flu in Myanmar.

myanmar transform digital ecosystem
Myanmar Set to Transform Its Digital Ecosystem

After decades of closed economy policies under the military rule, current Myanmar now faces a new chapter in its history.