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We provide various B2B market research and management consulting services through our market research and growth strategy services at Market Research Myanmar for clients to explore, enter and thrive in the Burmese market.

Are you facing any of these issues?

Does your niche market cause market sizing too complicated?

Applying the same business strategy across SEA markets?

Are your business decisions build upon unverified information?

Do you establish a business plan simply based on macro data?

Service Offerings

our service, market size/trends

Market Size/Trends

Assess market size/trends based on collected information from key stakeholders, consisting of micro/macro economic as well as related industry factors.

our service, industry structure

Industry Structure

Involving different players in the local market in the target industry, we offer clarity in the local distribution network and underline occuring problems / gaps among major players.

our service, company structure

Company Structure

Classify the local corporate structure of the target company from primary and secondary research

our service, competitive intelligence

Competitive Intelligence

Learn about local business of target companies (sales trends / partnerships / sales channels / promotions)

our service, qualitative research

Qualitative Research

We build and conduct a wide range of interview methods (e.g. face to face interviews / products use test / consumer survey/Telephone survey/ mystery shopper)

our service, quantitative survey

Quantitative Survey

We organize Internet Survey / Street surveys, with the design and development of the research methodology, and reporting of results / findings.

our service, customer understanding

Customer Understanding

Interview potential or existing customers to learn their needs and service requirements, decision-making structures and current vendors, map existing or new product offering to unexplored or existing segments.

our service, channel understanding

Channel Understanding

Evaluating available and disclosed information and data of channel partners / distributors as well as relevant stakeholders.

our service, opportunity assessment

Opportunity Assessment

Discover all possible market entry / growth options and assess using a matrix of attractiveness or score all the market entry / growth options based on designated criteria

our service, strategic recommendations

Strategic Recommendations

Comprehensive plan for market entry / growth / business acceleration with the timeline, impact and recommendations on product portfolio, positioning and client priorities.

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